Learning to Play the Violin? 5 Benefits of Training With a Master

You purchased the violin and bow, along with some training books to help get you started and now you're all ready to begin learning to play your beautiful instrument...or are you? It's been said that it is harder to "unlearn" bad training than it is to learn something new. Don't you think you owe it to yourself to get professional training to help you become the master of your craft? Here are 5 benefits of having a violin teacher.

You will learn how to correctly hold your violin and bow from the beginning.

Proper posture as well as correct placement of the violin under the neck are crucial to successfully mastering the violin. When you are just starting out, even a minor deviance from the proper way of holding the violin can have a huge impact on your training advancement, as well as leave you feeling exhausted after a session. Having a teacher from the start builds a strong foundation for further training.

There is someone you can go to with questions.

Any new learning adventure produces questions...there is just no way around it. Sometimes a book will have the answers you may seek, but not always. You can even search the World Wide Web for answers to your questions, but you may have problems understanding everything you are reading not only because you are a beginner, but maybe the information is not explained well enough. Having a teacher who is available for questions is much more important than you may realize at this moment.

You have your own support network.

Hopefully, your family and friends are very supportive of your desire to play the violin, but if they aren't, having a teacher who is investing time in your training puts someone in your corner...someone who has your success in mind. This is a valuable asset to beginners in any field or passion.

An experienced teacher can open your eyes to musical things you may have never thought possible.

A good violin teacher has been around a while, knows the professional violin cost and the violin community in your area. He or she has played and heard things that you have not been exposed to and is eager to share as you progress through your lessons. You cannot put a price on this experience, especially if you wish to pursue the violin to an even higher level than you originally thought.

A professional violin teacher has his or her eye open for opportunities and good deals for you.

With his or her advanced knowledge and experience, your teacher can spot great performing opportunities, and can even recommend you for certain playing engagements as well as recognise great equipment deals and bargains for you. This can be advantageous if you need to replace your violin or bow, as well as the many items you need to maintain your instrument.