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Learning to Play the Violin? 5 Benefits of Training With a Master

You purchased the violin and bow, along with some training books to help get you started and now you're all ready to begin learning to play your beautiful instrument...or are you? It's been said that it is harder to "unlearn" bad training than it is to learn something new. Don't you think you owe it to yourself to get professional training to help you become the master of your craft? Here are 5 benefits of having a violin teacher. You will learn how to correctly hold your violin and bow from the beginning. Proper posture as well as correct placement of the violin under the neck are crucial to successfully mastering the violin. When you are just starting out, even a minor deviance from the proper way of holding the violin can have a huge impact on your training advancement, as well as leave you feeling exhausted after a session. Having a teacher from the start builds a strong foundation for further training. There is someone you can go to with questions. Any new le